Coating and Surface Engineering

with Low Pressure Gas Plasma


High Performance Dry Coatings

Polymer Surface Treatment

Ultra-pure Cleaning 




Plasmatech supplies surface treatment services and equipment based on low pressure microwave plasma.      An environmentally friendly technology, microwave plasma is extremely versatile.  A dry process utilizing either non-polymerizable or polymerizable gases, surface challenges that can be addressed include adhesion, bondability, wettability, surface cleanliness and part tackiness.    Materials that can be treated include polymers, metals, ceramics, glass and fabrics.  We offer a full line of equipment from table top R&D models to fully-automated, high volume production systems.    Treatment and coating services are also offered for any size job in our Erlanger, Ky facility.    

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Thin Film Coatings 

Rather than simply modifying the existing surface of a   material, polymerizable gases can be used to create thin films for lubricity, wettability, hydrophobic/barrier properties.


Surface Treatment

Polymers can be modified by rearrangement of the upper atomic levels by incorporation of   polar chemical functional groups onto the  surface.                                                                                               





Ultra-pure Cleaning

Plasma cleaning results in a surface that is clean at an atomic level                                                   



About Us

Located in Erlanger, KY just south of Cincinnati, Plasmatech has supplied equipment, contract services and R&D solutions to various industries including medical OEM, electronics, automotive and plastics for over 20 years.   SInce our inception we have utilized innovative technology and cutting edge approaches to address the most challenging material and surface issues.    We are the leader in the PECVD high performance dry coatings and our technology permits customization rather than a one-size-fits all approach.  Free treatment trials are available and we encourage head-to-head comparison with your current treatment method and provider.   Whether you have a new application or would like to see how our competitive pricing and excellent turnaround compares with your current supplier, contact us to arrange a sample processing trial.  We would welcome the opportunity to work with you!











Do you have a novel or especially challenging requirement? Have you tried plasma surface treatment or coating in the past without much success? Contact PLASMAtech and tell us about your requirements. Our experienced plasma and material engineers will determine if plasma technology is viable for your particular application - and if so, we can partner with you to develop an efficient and cost-effective solution.